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  • 12060-08-1
  • Sc2O3
  • 99.9%
  • 3-12mm
  • NO
  • 235-042-0



Scandium(III) oxide, Sc2O3, or scandia, is a high melting rare earth oxide.

Chemical formula:Sc2O3

Molar mass: 137.910 g/mol

Appearance: White powder

Density: 3.86 g/cm3

Melting point: 2,485 °C (4,505 °F; 2,758 K)

Solubility in water:insoluble in water

Solubility: soluble in hot acids (reacts)


The biocompatibility of natural samarium (III) oxide, which has previously been used for treatment in bone-related diseases was determined as a first step in its evaluation as a bone implant material. The rates and products of the purely heterogeneous oxidations of C2H6 (g) and C2H4 (g) on Sm2O3 in the presence of O2 (g) were investigated in a very low-pressure flow reactor by on-line molecular beam mass spectrometry, about 1000±100 K. Samarium(III) oxide is used in optical and infrared absorbing glass to absorb infrared radiation. Also, it is used as a neutron absorber in control rods for nuclear power reactors. The oxide catalyzes dehydration of acyclic primary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones. Another use involves preparation of other samarium salts.