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  • 12017-68-4
  • SmCo5
  • 99%
  • -100-325 Mesh
  • Class 4.1
  • 234-625-7
  • UN3089
  • PG III



Samarium–cobalt magnets (chemical formula: SmCo5), the first family of rare-earth magnets invented, are less used than neodymium magnets because of their higher cost and lower magnetic field strength. However, samarium–cobalt has a higher Curie temperature, creating a niche for these magnets in applications where high field strength is needed at high operating temperatures. They are highly resistant to oxidation, but sintered samarium–cobalt magnets are brittle and prone to chipping and cracking and may fracture when subjected to thermal shock.

Chemical formula:SmCo5

Molar mass:445.026 g/mol

Appearance:Gray powder

Density:8.60 g/cm3 (hexahydrate)

Melting point: ~1325°


It’s used in scientific research.