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Formula: Fe2O3

Form: fine powder of red colour




Iron oxide red is synthetic inorganic pigment, iron oxide with a small quantity of mixtures. It has no surface treatment. It has very good pigmentation, hiding power and particle size, it is non – toxic, has no harmful effects on health, it is resistant to alkalis, meteorological influences and industrial atmosphere. Product is fire – resistant, inexplosive and for man and environment is not dangerous. It has also high light – resistance and thermal stability (800 °C).

Iron oxide red is determined for pigmentation of paint stuff, colour plaster admixtures, to dye – through asbestos – cement and concrete roofing, colour tiles and bricks / recommended dosage 3-5 % of cement weight/.

Packing – 25 kg multiply paper bags, 1 pallet / 1000 kg, shrink-wrap