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  • 18618-55-8
  • CeCl3•7H2O
  • 99%
  • -100 Mesh
  • Class 8
  • 606-073-0
  • UN1759
  • PG II



Cerium(III) chloride (CeCl3), also known as cerous chloride or cerium trichloride, is a compound of cerium and chlorine. It is a white hygroscopic solid; it rapidly absorbs water on exposure to moist air to form a hydrate, which appears to be of variable composition, though the heptahydrate CeCl3·7H2O is known.

Chemical formula:CeCl3•7H2O

Molar mass:372.58 g/mol

Appearance:fine white powder

Density:3.97 g/cm3

Melting point:90 °C (decomposes)

Boiling point:1,727 °C (3,141 °F; 2,000 K)

Solubility in water:100 g/100 ml

Solubility:soluble in alcohol

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):+2490.0•10−6 cm3/mol


Cerium(III) chloride heptahydrate is used in the preparation of allylsilanes from esters. It is used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis in place of sodium borohydride. In Luche reaction, carvone gives selectively allylic alcohol.