Atomic Number:115Atomic Radius:empirical: 187 pm (predicted)[1][2]
Atomic Symbol:McMelting Point:670 K ​(400 °C, ​750 °F) (predicted)[1][2]
Atomic Weight:289Boiling Point:~1400 K ​(~1100 °C, ​~2000 °F) (predicted)[1]
Electron Configuration:[Rn] 7s2 7p3 5f14 6d10(predicted)[1]Oxidation States:1, 3 ​(prediction)[1][2]


On Novemer 28th, 2016, element 115 was named Moscovium with the symbol Mc. Moscovium is the Moscow region of Russia, which is home to much of Russia’s superheavy element research. Muscovium was discovered by together by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (Russia), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA), Vanderbilt University (USA) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA).