Copper cathodes

As international supplier of copper cathodes Duuson OÜ offer worldwide supply of copper cathodes grade A with 99.99% purity. Free from all foreign materials such as copper sulfate, dirt, grease and oil. These products are offered mainly on long term basis. We guarantee our clients from all over the world, maximized continuity in supply of reasonably priced copper cathodes from Africa.

Our approach for copper trading is transparent and sustainable. For packaging and shipment, bundles of copper cathode sheets are held together by steel strapping.


All relevant documents provided(POP); these include Analysis Certificate, Certificate of
Ownership, and Certificate of Origin. Bill of Lading, Packing List and Insurance 110% are
obtained once the goods are loaded into the vessel.

Copper (Cu), % 99.99Selenium(Se),PPM 0.3
Silica (Si), PPM 0.3Manganese (Mn), 0.1
Cobalt (Co), PPM 0.2Sulphur(5),PPM 4.0
Bismuth(Bi), PPM 0.1Nickel (Ni), PPM 0.2
Lead(Pb),PPM 0.2Magnesium(Mg), 0.4
Tellurium(Te),PPM 0.05Antimony(Sb),PPM 0.1
Iron(Fe),PPM 2Zinc(Zn),PPM 0.4
Silver(Ag),PPM 10Arsenic(As),PPM 0.1
Aluminium(Al),PPM 0.5Oxygen(0),PPM Nil

Length, width and thickness of each sheet shall be equivalent to generally accepted LME internationally accepted measurements. The Copper Cathode’s surface condition shall be free of imperfections, defects and excess exposure to outdoor weather.
Dimensions: 914 mm x 914 mm x 12 mm (LME Standards)
Weight of each sheet: 125 Kilograms (Approximately ± 2%)
Net weight of each pallet: 2.000 Kilograms (Approximately ±2%)
Net weight per container: 20.0 Metric Tons (Approximately ± 2%)
Gross weight per container: 22.2 Metric Tons (Approximately ± 2%)

Copper cathode
Copper cathode
Copper cathode

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